DRaaS | Disaster Recovery as a service

De Novo provides comprehensive solutions for business critical recovery applications, cloud and local infrastructures, in the event of an accident or disaster (DRaaS), in a short time (RTO) with minimal data loss..

De Novo specialists have developed a number of complex technological tools to solve the problem of building a backup IT infrastructure and its recovery in the event of a disaster or accident - Disaster Recovery as a Service. The product is designed to maintain the functioning of the IT system in case of its partial or even complete inoperability while maintaining all settings, configurations and network topology.

With De Novo DRaaS services, you can restore infrastructure with minimal loss in a matter of hours from minutes to minutes (using the private HPI cloud). DRaaS services use VMware replication mechanisms that are embedded in De Novo clouds. It is possible to build a backup site with synchronous and asynchronous replication.

DRaaS | Disaster Recovery as a service

De Novo Disaster Recovery is

Deep integration

with the cloud operating portal Cloud Director

Possibility of independent activation by the client

backup site while maintaining the network topology, in a short time

Ability to build synchronous and asynchronous

reserve sites

Easy in use


Ability to activate the applied landscape in the cloud

in case of complete or partial unavailability of infrastructure

Possibility of periodic

non-destructive testing of scenarios

Data transfer protection

protocols SSL/TLC

24/7 technical support

Fanatic Support level

Data replication capabilities with De Novo DRaaS

Native Cloud Disaster Recovery (NCDR) is a full-featured tool for replication and disaster recovery. It operates at the hypervisor level using Change Block Tracking (CBT) technology and uses the VMware asynchronous replication mechanism integrated into the cloud infrastructure.


  • Its local infrastructure <-> Cloud


  • RPO from 5 minutes

Inter Cloud Disaster Recovery (ICDR) is a full-featured replication and disaster resilience tool available on the NG-Cloud and EU-Cloud De Novo platforms. It is possible to manage two platforms from the Cloud Director operating portal. ICDR uses the VMware replication mechanism.


  • Cloud <-> Cloud


  • RPO from 5 minutes

Details about Disaster Recovery Services

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