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Ukraine’s most reliable and safest Data Center


Data Center | Colocation

Since 2010, the De Novo data center has been uninterruptedly providing services to users for a second. According to the classification of the UpTime Institute, an average annual downtime of up to 0.4 hours is allowed even for TIER 4, which is the highest. Accordingly, 100% of the actual availability of De Novo data center services for 8 years is an outstanding result that only a few data centers in the world can boast of.

The De Novo data center was put into commercial operation in November 2010 and is the only data center in Ukraine built employing a modular basis. Each module is a physically limited volume, connected to the common power supply and environmental monitoring units.

In 2017, De Novo launched the second construction phase of the facility, which consists of five computer rooms for 170 rack cabinet spaces. The customers whose equipment can be placed in premises that provide collective access can enjoy colocation services.

The company currently provide services to the country’s largest banks, as well as it is also the site for the largest IaaS cloud in Ukraine.

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Data Center | Colocation

Services provided by the commercial data center

Data Center | Colocation
Shielded L Module
A large module, whose equipment’s actual power is up to 80 kW, for lease.
Data Center | Colocation
Shielded S Module
A small module, whose equipment’s actual power is up to 40 kW, for lease.
Data Center | Colocation
A rack cabinet in the shielded module for leas
Equipment, whose actual power is up to 15 kW, to be placed in a rack.
Data Center | Colocation
A rack cabinet in the common computer room for lease
Equipment, whose actual power is up to 10 kW per power units, to be placed in a rack.
Data Center | Colocation
½ rack cabinet in the common computer room for lease
½ rack, whose equipment’s power is up to 5 kW per power units, for lease.


Дата- центр №1 в Україні
Ukraine’s Number 1 Data Center

The market share exceeds 25%, according to IDC research in 2017.

The largest banks of the country trust us with their IT infrastructure.


Compliance with the TIER III reliability level and NBU requirements.

The data center has operated for 8 years without a single stop.

Гарантія SLA
SLA Guarante

99.982 % uptime according to SLA (service level agreement).

Financial responsibility up to 12 monthly payments.


A centralized 24/7 monitoring system of the physical security and physical access.

Інженерна інфраструктура
Engineering infrastructure

Two high-voltage power lines from two independent substations.

A bank of 4 diesel generators.

Individual automatic gas firefighting system in the module.

Наявність необхідних телекомунікацій
Required telecommunications available

14 trunk communication operators.

Two independent optical fiber routes to the UA-IX switching center.

What level of reliability does the De Novo data center comply with?

When we offer customers the services of our data center, super-reliability is what we offer them, above all things. The difference in the characteristics of data centers corresponding to Data Center TIER 1 or 2 is negligible. Unlike Data Center TIER 2 and TIER 3, which are the abyss away, in fact. The maximum idle time of the TIER 3 data center is 13-18 times less that of the "lower" data centers.
Despite the declared reliability level of TIER 3, all the distribution systems of the De Novo data center’s most important resources (uninterrupted power supply, cooling, and telecommunications) are built to meet requirements of the TIER 4 level, which is the highest reliability level to date.
  • Sparing philosophy - N + 1.
  • 99.98% accessibility and availability of services.
  • The maximum allowed idle time is 1.6 hours per year, but for more than 8 years, the De Novo data center operates non-stop.
  • Two active resource allocation routes.
  • Uninterrupted cooling.
  • Hot swapping of "vital" resources.
  • Number of personnel per shift -> 2 engineers, 24/7 technical support.
  • Division into shielded dedicated modules.
Data Center | Colocation

Our Customers

Credit Agricole Bank
Amadeus Ukraine
Raiffeisen Bank Aval
Piraeus Bank
TBC Bank of Georgia
"New Line"
ABBYY Ukraine
Insurance company "UNICIA"
Insurance company AXA
Metinvest Holding Company
Medstar Solyushens
Lviv City Council
Oxi Taksi
State Agency for Electronic Government of Ukraine
State Enterprise "Ukrspirt"
Universal Bank
Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine
Odessa Regional State Administration
Network of refueling complexes "BRSM-Nafta"

Other De Novo Useful Products

Хмарні сервіси IaaS
IaaS Cloud Services
If you choose cloud services by De Novo, you get a wide range of platforms makes it possible for you to choose a cloud to handle any problems your business may face.
Приватна хмара як сервіс
Private Cloud as a Service
Physically isolated virtual infrastructure, is provided for the customer’s exclusive use as a service.
Хмара для корпоративних інфраструктур H-Cloud
H-Cloud for Enterprise Infrastructure
The cloud that is based on the Trusted Cloud model for enterprise level tasks. A limited number of reliably identified users has access to the resource.
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