Cloud Storage De Novo cloud storage systems

De Novo provides a wide range of cloud storage systems. Their feature is complete self-sufficiency - you can use cloud storage services regardless of the use of De Novo clouds.

De Novo cloud storage connects to servers using block, file, or object accesses.

Access to cloud storage can be arranged within a cloud data center or terrestrial infrastructure, and you can quickly adjust the amount it needs.

Compared to foreign providers, De Novo repositories have network proximity to Ukrainian companies, which significantly increases the bandwidth and reliability of communication channels. In terms of reliability, De Novo cloud storage is reserved at levels not lower than N+2.

Types of cloud storage

vStorage File Access

vStorage File Access

Virtual disk array accessible over an IP network using NFS / CIFS protocols.

vStorage Block access

vStorage Block access

A virtual disk array that is accessible over an IP network using the iSCSI protocol.

S3 / swift Object storage

S3 / swift Object storage

Cloud object storage is compatible with AWS S3. It can also be used as a repository for popular backup systems: CommVault Simpana, HP Data Protector, Veritas NetBackUp, etc.

Differences in Cloud Storage services

 vStorage File AccessS3 / swift Object storagevStorage Block access
With what to compare?NASCloudDAS, SAN
Storage facilitiesFile SystemAccount, Container, ObjectLUN
Connection protocolsNFS, CIFS/SMBHTTPSiSCSI
What do you see?F:\shared\

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De Novo offers you an ecosystem of products to create an individual infrastructure in the cloud for the needs of your business.

The De Novo ecosystem has a large number of related services available, which provide fast migration, backup and storage of data, construction of a backup data center in case of an accident or catastrophe, monitoring of applied landscapes, etc.

Ask questions, describe issues.

Our experts will advise how to reduce the cost of IT infrastructure and how to simplify the process of transition to the use of cloud services.

If you are interested in the differences between clouds and providers, ways to migrate to the clouds and other issues, use the library of articles about clouds.


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Data protection in De Novo

Cloud infrastructure backup

Reliable protection of your data from logical destruction

Veeam Cloud Repositor

The service allows you to place backups directly in the De Novo cloud

Cloud storage systems

Their feature is complete self-sufficiency - you can use cloud storage services regardless of computing power

Disaster Recovery as a Service

A full-fledged alternative to your own backup data center