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De Novo offers a set of migration tools that allow you to move large amounts of data between cloud and terrestrial infrastructures in a short time without stopping the application of landscape applications (live migration).

The need for data migration arises constantly, but often this task requires non-trivial solutions. Difficulties arise due to large amounts of data and potential downtime of infrastructure capacity. De Novo's migration tools are designed to solve these problems, and transfer all data as quickly as possible, with minimal loss of time.

During warm migration, the primary data replica is transferred to the target site without turning off the application landscape. Only then does it stop for a short time to replicate the accumulated changes.

When using the Private Cloud product as an HPI Service, live migration is possible without wasting time and without stopping the main site.

Migration tools



Native Cloud Disaster Recovery is a full-featured DR tool that can be used for warm cloud migration.

Veeam Cloud Repository (VCR)

Veeam Cloud Repository (VCR)

Veeam's cloud backup repository allows you to place a full backup for further deployment of the IT landscape in the cloud.

OVF Tool

OVF Tool

Free console software is designed to download OVF templates to the cloud.



Mobile storage system for transferring large volumes (up to 30 TB), without the need for high-speed communication channels.

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De Novo offers an ecosystem of cloud products to meet the diverse IT needs and challenges of your business!

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De Novo Products

HPI - Private cloud as a service

Physically isolated virtual infrastructure that combines the benefits of cloud technology and its "hardware" and is provided to the customer on a "as a service" model

NG-Cloud - Corporate cloud in Ukraine

New generation cloud for complex application landscapes and business-critical applications with a high load, located in Ukraine

EU-Cloud - Corporate cloud in Germany

A new generation cloud, located in Frankfurt, Germany. Designed for complex application landscapes and business critical applications with high workloads.

G-Cloud - Cloud for government agencies

Specialized cloud for government agencies and enterprises, which is certified by KSZI and is located in a secure module

HANA-Cloud - Certified cloud for SAP HANA applications

Cloud designed to host HANA databases and SAP applications, and other highly loaded business-critical infrastructures

Cloud Migration - Migration to the cloud

Warm migration tools offer transfer of large amounts of business-critical application data to the De Novo cloud quickly and without stops

DRaaS - Disaster Recovery

Comprehensive solutions for cloud and local infrastructure recovery in the event of an accident or catastrophe

Cloud Vision - Monitor the status of virtual machines

The monitoring service is designed for interactive monitoring of the state of the cloud landscape and early notification of potential problems

BaaS - Cloud infrastructure backup

Wide range of services for flexible cloud infrastructure backup

Veeam Cloud Repository

Veeam cloud copy repository for De Novo cloud storage by Veeam Backup & Replication or Veeam Agent users

Cloud storage systems

The company provides a wide range of cloud storage capabilities that can be used independently of De Novo clouds

Data Center | Colocation

The services of the largest data center in Ukraine with the TIER III level of reliability, which since its commissioning in 2010, has not stopped for a moment