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VTB Bank Allocates Computing Resources In De Novo Commercial Datacenter

De Novo, the leading provider of cloud services and professional IT services, and VTB Bank announce the beginning of collaboration. VTB preferred De Novo’s engineering infrastructure over building their own datacenter, with the reasons being the guaranteed quality of the service and the significantly lower costs. Goes to De Novo Cloud, an e-trade site, moves its IT infrastructure to De Novo Cloud. De Novo, the leading national provider of cloud services, offers ecommerce businesses key benefits they just can’t ignore – reliability and performance of IT-infrastructure with reasonable TCO.

De Novo investigated virtual infrastructure of «Raiffeisen Bank Aval»

De Novo experts estimated «Raiffeisen Bank Aval» configurations correspondence of virtual infrastructure to VMware recommendations. Project comprised main and backup DC, and inspite standard Health Check procedure, included developed by integrator service for disaster recovery system of virtualized DC. Infrastructure Health Check is the special VMware service. De Novo experts qualified for this service delivery having confirmed the level of their expertize.

Disaster Recovery as a Service – Brand New Offer in De Novo Cloud

De Novo, the leading national cloud services provider, introduces an innovative service for De Novo Cloud corporate customers. With Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) ensuring IT continuity in a disaster scenario is no longer a threat to company’s IT budget. Now it’s a smart cloud solution which mid sized and small businesses can easily afford.