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Veeam Cloud Repository

Use De Novo Cloud as a repository for your backups

Veeam Cloud Repository

Veeam Cloud Repository

If you use Veeam Backup & Replication or Veeam Agent, we offer you Veeam Cloud Repository service, which you can use to place your backup copies directly in a reliable and trouble-free De Novo Cloud and ensure your data integrity even if your data center is completely inoperable.

Using Veeam Cloud Repository (VCR) service, you can have Veeam Backup & Replication (backup and recovery software in vSphere and Hyper-V infrastructure) or Veeam Agent, which is installed directly to the guest operating system and does not need a virtualization environment, to place your backup copy directly in De Novo Cloud and ensure your data integrity even if your data center is completely inoperable.

Moreover, a backup copy of the applied landscape stored in De Novo Cloud can be quickly deployed directly in the Cloud so that you can use this service as a simple and efficient solution to the Disaster Recovery problem. Among other things, the time you have to pay for the De Novo cloud resources is when you need to deploy a copy of the applied landscape, that is, when a real large-scale accident happens.

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Veeam Cloud Repository
VCR Backup Repository Architecture

As far as Veeam Backup & Replication is concerned, the VCR service is another repository to store your data. For example, you create Backup Job on your local repository to keep yourself protected against small local crashes and Backup Copy Job on the VCR repository if your site is completely down.

If an accident should happen, you can use backups stored in the VCR to recover on your own site or in the De Novo Cloud.

In the case of the Veeam agent, backup to VCR is available for the Workstation and Server editions.

Veeam Cloud Repository


Просте налаштування
Easy to set up

The cloud repository can be directly integrated into the Veeam console

Швидке відновлення з РК
Disaster tolerance

A copy of the applied landscape stored in the Cloud can be quickly deployed directly to your Cloud.

Захист та шифрування
Security and Encryption

SSL/TLS traffic management

Data privacy via additional Veeam end-to-end encryption option

Надійність Хмари De Novo
De Novo Cloud Availability

Fault tolerant hardware

The cloud is deployed in shielded De Novo (Tier 3) data center module.


Saving backups off site
Disaster Recovery Downtime
Protection against backup system failure
Veeam Cloud Repository

Based on the 3-2-1 data backup rule, you should always have at least one backup copy of your data off site, in case you have your site going down.

Veeam Cloud Repository

If you think that your local site can fail for one reason or another (outdated hardware, unreliable server rooms, the threat of a hostile takeover), then you must make a plan to face this risk.

You can use the VCR service to recover your backup copies directly to the De Novo cloud so that you can have your infrastructure operating.

It is obvious that if Disaster Recovery is carried out this way, the recovery is going to take more time than when replication technologies are utilized, but this solution is much less complex.

Veeam Cloud Repository

As encryption virus attacks intensify, we have to deal with our customers’ workstations, servers, and encrypted with viruses. VCR service can be the right solution to this problem.

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