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Cloud Data Storage

De Novo provides a wide range of cloud data storage systems. They stand out for their full self-sufficiency since you can use cloud storage services regardless of computational power.

You can connect using block, file or object access. This service group focuses on storing large volumes of static information such as backups, static content of websites, archives of electronic documents, etc. You can access the cloud storage via the cloud data center or the customer’s ground infrastructure.

Depending on your needs, you can get access both via the Internet and through dedicated communication channels. Speaking of reliability, De Novo cloud storage has N + 2 redundancy.

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Cloud Data Storage

Types of Cloud Backup Services

vStorage Access via blocks
vStorage Access via blocks
The data storage system that is available through the IP network using the iSCSI protocol.
vStorage Access via files
vStorage Access via files
The data storage system that is available through the IP network using the NFS/CIFS protocols.
S3/swift Object repository
S3/swift Object repository
Cloud repository and archival storage for storing static content of large volumes.


Надійність зберігання

There are no unsupported failure points; disk redundancy is at least N + 2.

Мережева близкість
Network Proximity

With backup copies > 5TB, the bandwidth and reliability of communication channels become critical success factors, compared with foreign providers.

Доступність на вимогу
Availability on Request

At any time, the volume of consumed resources can be changed to a greater or lesser extent, which you cannot do using own data storage system.

Широкий спектр протоколів підключення
Wide range of connection protocols

Using file, block or object access, you can select a service that best meets the requirements of the applied landscape.

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