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De Novo offers a wide range of Back Up services for the flexible backup of software landscapes operating in De Novo clouds with the ability to host data in Ukraine and Germany.

De Novo has developed a set of tools for backing up classes: Cloud - Cloud, Earth - Cloud, Cloud - Earth, to solve various problems of physical protection of customer data. Technically, the services are implemented on the basis of Veeam Backup & Replication software, which is integrated directly into the cloud operating system.

De Novo backup services are as easy to use and charge as possible. Each virtual machine is automatically protected at the time of creation and is automatically removed from the schedule at the time of removal. All procedures take place through the operating portal in a few clicks.

De Novo backup tools allow you to use geo-spreading services and store data in the cloud in Ukraine and in the cloud in Germany with the possibility of their recovery.

De Novo BackUp is

Convenient and fast implementation

backup plans

Placing a backup copy in Ukraine or Germany

or on external repositories

Geo-diversity in Ukraine and Germany

and infrastructure restoration in De Novo clouds

Flexible schedule management

and backup depth

Recovery with granularity to the file

on the virtual machine disk

Convenient charging


Deduplication and compression

of data

Service integration

directly into the cloud system

Types of Cloud Backup services



The most convenient and automated backup and restoration of the application landscape deployed in the De Novo cloud

Geo BaaS

Geo BaaS

Distributed cloud backup and recovery in Ukraine or Germany

Flex Backup

Flex Backup

The most flexible backup and restoration of the application landscape deployed in the De Novo cloud

Flex Backup XR

Flex Backup XR

Backup an application landscape in the De Novo cloud with a backup in your own infrastructure or in another cloud

Differences of Backup Services

 BaaSGeo BaaSFlex BackUpFlex BackUp XR
The minimum protected objectVirtual data center vDCA virtual machine regardless of belonging to a specific vDC
ManagementThe service is activated / deactivated through the support service for the specified vDC (one or more) and the backup schedule optionIndividual management of backup and recovery tasks via a web portal
Schedule and depth of backup

7d - 7 days with an increment of 1 day

4w - 4 weeks with an increment of 1 week

31d - 31 days, with an increment of 1 day

Flexible schedule management and backup depth
Granularity of recoveryTo a file on the VM virtual machine disk
Backup placingA dedicated backup repository is part of the serviceA dedicated backup repository is part of the serviceA dedicated backup repository is part of the serviceBackups are placed in the customer's repository
Country of storageUkraine or GermanyUkraine and GermanyUkraine or GermanyAny location
Deduplication and compressionExecuted.


The size of the backup is significantly smaller than the size of the protected data, even if there are several restore points

ChargingBy the total volume of protected data disksBy the total volume of protected data disksBy volume of the repositoryBy volume of the repository

More Details about Backup Systems

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De Novo offers you an ecosystem of products to create an individual infrastructure in the cloud for the needs of your business.

The De Novo ecosystem has a large number of related services available, which provide fast migration, backup and storage of data, construction of a backup data center in case of an accident or catastrophe, monitoring of applied landscapes, etc.

Ask questions, describe issues.

Our experts will advise how to reduce the cost of IT infrastructure and how to simplify the process of transition to the use of cloud services.

If you are interested in the differences between clouds and providers, ways to migrate to the clouds and other issues, use the library of articles about clouds.


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