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Our team

De Novo is a company focused on providing professional IT services, therefore the core value of the company is experience, skills and competencies of its team members, applied management and development technologies in IT industry.

De Novo incorporates the team experts (business analysts, architects, technical experts, project managers) with more than 10 years vast experience in IT industry. Each and every member of the team was personally involved in dozens of projects implemented in Ukraine and abroad, most of projects were acknowledged to be innovative and had a significant impact on domestic IT industry development.

Our specialists were the first in Ukraine to:

  • Establish failure resistant system based on Geocluster technology (2002)
  • Apply virtualization technology to create a platform for a business critical system (2003)
  • Build a synchronized full-featured banking backup center (2004)
  • Establish a large-scale (more than three hundred VM) virtual infrastructure based on VMWare technology, that included dozens of test and production IT services (2006);
  • Applied the concept of cloud computing as a testing laboratory technological background (2008);
  • Automate backup data center activation processes and establish the support of IT services continuity (2010);
  • Built a Commercial Data Center with the 3.3 Mega Watt capacity that meets TIA-942 Tier III (2010).

Executive Management

 Агеев Максим Maxim Ageyev
Chief Executive Officer
“I assert that De Novo Company introduces an entirely new approach of business initiative and professional performance to the market. Our customers are provided with the high level services that meet their core business requirements.”
Кирилл Сушан Kirill Sushan
Business manager
“De Novo is one of the few companies in Ukraine that clearly understands the real role and purpose of IT in modern enterprise. Hence we can help businesses best utilize its advantages. Using sport terminology, De Novo is like a Brazilian national team in football in the IT industry. For the absolute championship what we have perhaps slightly missed so far is German discipline and administration in the field of sales. I will use all the experience I gained while working for leading international IT vendors to built the most sophisticated sales organization to insures De Novo reaches its well deserved superiority.”
Геннадий Карпов small Hennadiy Karpov
Chief Technology Officer
“… Innovative technologies are undoubtedly a core factor in introducing new business values. The second key factor is the ability to implement the technologies in order to resolve business tasks…”.
Валерий Макаренко small Valeriy Makarenko
Chief Project Management Officer
“Qualified consulting services in the IT industry can be provided only by the project-oriented organization. Project management competencies specify the strength of the De Novo team. Namely this quality enables to convert the competence and of our experts experience in the business value for our customers. “
Sergey Karpenko
Chief Administrative Officer
“… Time and competition requires efficient and rational business solutions. Therefore, the company De Novo strives for innovation in all internal business processes… “
Дмитрий Калинин small Dmitriy Kalinin
Chief Financial Officer
“… Our employees’ performance evaluation and costs accounting define the baseline of De Novo financial policies…»
  Natalia Polyanker
Human Resources Manager (Chief Personnel Officer)
“…The cornerstone value of De Novo – is the talent, skills and business competence of our specialists. Effective human resource management that provides each of our team members with opportunities for personal and professional growth – is my core objective…”


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