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De Novo

Ukraine’s Number 1 

operator of cloud services 

and data centers 


Ukraine’s most reliable and safest Data Center


Ukraine’s largest cloud that uses a Trusted Cloud model


Physically isolated virtual infrastructure that has the advantages of cloud technologies to offer


Has Compliance Certificate on 

Integrated Information Protection System

De Novo is a national cloud service and data center provider

Our services

Дата центр | Колокейшн
Data Center | Colocation
The colocation services involve placing the equipment in an individual shielded module or placing racks in a common computer room.
Хмарні сервіси IaaS
IaaS Cloud Services
If you choose cloud services by De Novo, you get a wide range of platforms makes it possible for you to choose a cloud to handle any problems your business may face.
Приватна хмара як сервіс
Private Cloud as a Service
vSphere, physically isolated virtual infrastructure, is provided for the customer’s exclusive use as a service.
Хмара для корпоративних інфраструктур H-Cloud
H-Cloud for Enterprise Infrastructure
The cloud that is based on the Trusted Cloud model for enterprise level tasks. A limited number of reliably identified users has access to the resource.
Хмара для державних структур G-Cloud
G-Cloud for Government
G-Cloud is a certified complex information security system that can be connected to a secure Internet access node.
Резервне копіювання хмарної інфраструктури
Cloud Infrastructure Backup
Using backup tools, you can organize data protection against logical destruction in a cloud-based data center.
Репозиторій резервних копій Veeam Cloud Repository
Veeam Cloud Repository
Системи зберігання даних у хмарі
Cloud Data Storage
Block-based, file, or object storage of any capacity to be connected to a virtual data center or a ground infrastructure
Міграція у хмару De Novo
Migration to De Novo Cloud
In this section, we are going to describe the tools that you can use to get your infrastructure “moved” to De Novo H-Gloud or G-Cloud.
Моніторинг стану віртуальних машин | Сloud Vision
Cloud infrastructure monitoring
Cloud Vision is designed to interactively monitor the status of the virtual machines via the virtual infrastructure, as well as for early warning of potential problems.
Хмари для корпоративного сектору | NG-Cloud та EU-Cloud
Clouds for the Enterprise | NG-Cloud and EU-Cloud
The perfect choice for complex applied landscapes and business-critical applications that deal with a high load.

Why us?

Uninterrupted data center operation
Ukraine’s Number 1 provider of cloud services and data centers
10-year’s experience
KM Core, Intel Capital, IFC
De Novo investors
50 %
50% of card transactions in Ukraine via the De Novo Data Center
4 Cloud
for businesses of any size and any level


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Oxy Taxi
State Agency for E-Governance of Ukraine
State-owned Enterprise of Alcohol and Liquor Industry “UKRSPYRT”
Universal Bank
The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine
Odesa Regional State Administration
Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine
Lviv City Counci
BRSM-Nafta Network of Refueling Complexes
Metinvest Holding Company
Credit Agricole Bank
AXA Insurance Company
UNIQA Insurance Company
ABBYY Ukraine
New Line
First Ukrainian International Bank
TBC Bank of Georgia
Amadeus Ukraine
Piraeus Bank
Raiffeisen Bank Aval

Ukraine has the terms of technical protection of personal medical information recorded legislatively, with Health24 System to be implemented. The certificate of compliance with the requirements of the Integrated Information Security System was the most important the reason why we opted for De Novo.

We prefer innovative, economically sound solutions, so we gave up on the traditional infrastructure and deployed our IT services in the De Novo Cloud. We chose a well-reputed cloud provider that has been operating for many years without a glitch.

The Oxy Taxi service exemplifies the fact that virtually any city service can work efficiently without impact on the environment. The Oxy Taxi personnel use only the most viable solutions so that passengers can enjoy a top quality service at an attractive price.

With the information-oriented society developing, the availability of high-quality state information that can be promptly used is a powerful source of competitive advantage for the country. De Novo's expertise and high level of service contribute to the development of open source data in Ukraine and making them accessible and available to citizens and businesses.

We strive to gain maximum efficiency in what we do. The cloud is a tool that will help us achieve our goal. Thanks to the new IT structure, Ukrspyrt has a unified reporting system in place.

We are very grateful to De Novo for supporting and providing cloud resources. As we work, we can deploy the system in any modern industrial IT environment. We stand for transparent tenders and equal conditions for all participants, so we make ProZorro system independent of specific hardware solutions.

As the bank develops, new business problems need to be resolved, to which the automated processes in new IT systems give a helping hand. Intensive testing of different configurations of new products is absolutely necessary to determine how these products perform in the existing IT landscape.

One of our tasks is to make administrative services for citizens and business representatives as simple and accessible as possible. The pilot version of the Unified State Administrative Services Portal has become a significant step towards the implementation of the e-government concept.

In order to reduce current costs, companies have long been employing third parties to obtain services that are essential for business life, but are out of their focus.

Reforming the industry is a complex process that involves many legislative, legal and technological factors. We believe that the success of the reform will largely depend on the quality of the MTIBU Electronic Policy Information System, its availability, response rates, and performance.

De Novo cloud solutions have three properties that we think are crucial. First, the certificate of the Integrated Information Security System (CSIS) issued by the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine. This certificate ensures that the service complies with the information security requirements.

The city is actively developing, which requires the use of innovative solutions. That is why our strategic vector is to transform into a technologically advanced authority that guarantees a high level of quality of service for the people who live in Lviv.

Two or three years ago, DTEK was focused on building its own terrestrial data center. But during this time, the rapid development of cloud services, their productivity and reliability increased, and the quality of service increased. Being at a new stage, the market has come up with proposals that best meet the requirements of customers.

The main objectives of the project were to improve the reliability of IT so that it complied with corporate requirements for business continuity, as well as the high efficiency of restoring information systems if the emergency situations should happen.

Maintaining your own infrastructure to provide server platforms takes a lot of effort and is very difficult from a technological point of view. Therefore, more and more companies and banks around the world are using outsourcing services. In addition, by cooperating with other clients, you can achieve a better scale effect.

Transferring corporate systems to De Novo Cloud and deploying the core of our network in Ukraine’s largest data center has launched us to a fundamentally new level of reliability and productivity of corporate IT services, reduce costs, and provide a minimum response time.

The crisis is a good reason to rethink the requirements for the further development of the enterprise's IT infrastructure. We have chosen a path that has been of interest to us for quite some time, but demanded decisive action. Our goal is to provide a higher level of reliability, lower costs, and the ability to work when conditions keep changing.

Choosing a reliable data center was a strategic decision for the Bank. We have heard much about De Novo, as De Novo’s data center has an excellent reputation in the market. The experience and trust of other large Ukrainian banks, which have been using the company's resources for several years, also speaks in favor of De Novo.

ROC has drawn our attention as it is simple and easy to implement because only Internet access is needed to get started, and you can master the program interface in a few hours. In addition, the cloud-based ROC does not require the purchase of any equipment. As a result, we have increased sales in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to the cooperation of the Metinvest Holding and De Novo professionals, we have obtained a balanced and efficient solution that combines the reliability and performance necessary for a centralized business-critical system, while maintaining the high economic attractiveness of the project.

The high accessibility of IT services and fault tolerance are the most important requirements for IT systems of banks. Flaw-proof IT infrastructure allows us to meet the expectations of our clients, who trust their funds and business only to the most reliable and stable financial institutions.

The success of our insurance company's business directly depends on the quality of the IT infrastructure operation. Several years ago, the introduction of systems that ensure the accessibility and continuity of IT services, required significant investment, with the infrastructure becoming bulky and awkward.

In early 2013, the UNIQA Central Office was moving to a new building, and the company's IT department had to have the main IT services operating smoothly at that time. As a result, part of the company's computing infrastructure had to be transferred.

Thanks to De Novo cloud services, the cost of purchasing servers, the creation and installation of IT infrastructure, as well as project risks remained in the past. Therefore, businesses will be able to quickly obtain an economic return from accounting and management systems if these systems are cloud-based. 

When the market is approaching the saturation phase and the intensification of the competition for the best and most competitive offer for buyers, we focus on the efficiency in choosing IT solutions for the current business network problems. And the main factors in evaluating the efficiency of solutions are well-known – they are time and money.

The planned transition to a private cloud model is a large-scale and complex process, but this model solves our problems at its best.

Consolidation of an IT infrastructure is one of the most important stages in the implementation of the strategy of IT and information security of FUIB. The converged bank network will facilitate responding promptly and with minimal resources to business growth, expanding the functionality of services, and introducing new services in the shortest possible time.

Our company is professionally engaged in the organization of electronic trading, not the creation of IT infrastructures. Therefore, the delegation of this complex function to professionals is an excellent solution for us. By utilizing De Novo Cloud, we guarantee our users the ability to save data and work seamlessly.

Our bank operates in a dynamic market, which sets high demands on the IT infrastructure components, including data storage systems. Collaboration with De Novo made it possible for us to make plans for the development of an IT component based on objectively compiled plans.

Amadeus Company is a leading provider of technology solutions and processing services for the world's tourism and airline industry. Therefore, we continuously invest in technology aimed at creating advantages for our partners.

The main goal of PRAVEX-BANK is to provide reliable services to customers. Therefore, we consistently raise the level of our technological standards.

Piraeus Bank has chosen De Novo Data Center in Ukraine to host part of its computing and communications capacities, because it is, in our opinion, the most attractive and unique project that offers customers the most advanced technology of management of commercial (outsourced) data centers.

The "side view", the recommendations of De Novo certified experts, as well as the solutions of the leading developer will enable us to get the most out of virtualization technologies. Our customers will benefit from the final result, as they will be able to get more prompt, accessible and quality services.