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IT solutions for retail business

News and success stories

BRSM Nafta national petrol station chain installed Retail Optimization Cloud innovative service in order to drive goods and stock management efficiency. ROC took 2,5 months to increase sales of the chain stores by 30%.

UkrSibbank BNPP Group signs five-year contract with De Novo, leading data center and cloud operator in Ukraine according to IDC research. The largest Ukrainian bank allocates computing resources in the largest module of De Novo DC.

Special offers

Technical Assistance Program for Ukrainian Government

Technical Assistance for Ukrainian Government
De Novo is ready to support Ukrainian government IT systems as well as provide pro bono consulting services towards adopting more efficient and productive, new technologies.

The program «Try & Buy»

You can test De Novo Cloud for free within 30 days due to Try & Buy program.

Partner Program

Want to build a cloud-based business, but not ready for substantial investments? We have the solution!

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